Mobile manual

Step-by-step through processes and knowledge areas

  More A predefined structure and simple instructions allow work steps to be documented quickly, efficiently and intuitively. Leanbyte documents processes and knowledge areas permanently.



Different languages

Auto translation of knowledge content

  More Wiktionary allows to create keywords in different languages and thus changes the language at any time during live operation.



Live broadcast

Video call for direct remote assistance

   More Leanbyte live streaming allows to contact the expert via live broadcast to solve problems instantly.



Fast access

Availability of knowledge via QR codes

   More Through the automatic generation of QR codes, you store complex information in encrypted form and set up a direct and individual access at the workplace using printed attachments.



Multimedia Streaming

Industrial YouTube:

Video / audio documentation

   More In addition to the described work steps attach precisely fitting visual or linguistic demonstrations, thus optimising the application and improving learning progress.



Graph Database

Leanbyte search:

Intelligent full text search

    More The intelligent structure links the search terms entered and suggests them with the highest probability. Leanbyte learning improves the suggestions after each search.