Leanbyte basic functions

Mobile standard

Step-by-step through processes and knowledge

A predefined structure and simple instructions allow work steps to be documented quickly, efficiently and intuitively. Leanbyte documents processes and knowledge areas permanently.

Multimedia Streaming

Industrial YouTube:

Video / audio documentation

In addition to the described work steps attach precisely fitting visual or linguistic demonstrations, thus optimising the application and improving learning progress.

Fast access

Availability of knowledge via QR codes

Through the automatic generation of QR codes, you store complex information in encrypted form and set up a direct and individual access at the workplace using printed attachments.

Different languages

Auto translation of knowledge content

Wiktionary allows to create keywords in different languages and thus changes the language at any time during live operation.

Graph Database

Leanbyte search:

Intelligent full text search

The intelligent structure links the search terms entered and suggests them with the highest probability. Leanbyte learning improves the suggestions after each search.

Individual modules according to customer needs

Together we assemble the Leanbyte software according to the modular principle,  adapte it to the corporate identity of your company and develop innovative solutions according to your wishes. We optimize the software - until you are satisfied with the solution.

Choose from these additional functions


Scheduling activities at workstations

Activities to be performed are scheduled as activities and can be edited with the appropriate authorization.

Mobile checklists

Convert fields of activity into mobile checklists

Each area of activity can be presented and scheduled as a checklist. The user automatically signs each step of the work performed.

Simple quality assurance

Check & sign quality features mobile

Quality assurance to be carried out is linked to jobs and knowledge areas and can also be scheduled.

Full text search in documents

Indexing within the documents

Due to the extended Leanbyte search engine, the full text search also works within the documents. Knowledge within the documents becomes findable and retrievable.

Full text search in videos

Indexing within the videos using AI

With integrated artificial intelligence, media is crawled and indexed at regular intervals. The full-text search thus takes effect within the videos.

Intelligent encyclopedia

Linking expertise with jobs

Specific technical knowledge including pictures and videos are linked to workstations and thus supplement important previous knowledge in order to carry out activities.

Interactive layout

Navigation with clickable layout

The locations with workstations are displayed virtually and serve as a clickable interface for intuitive navigation.

Connecting Job Profiles

Linking the qualification matrix with knowledge areas

Depending on the activity to be performed, appropriate qualifications are required. Job profiles are linked to changing fields of knowledge.

Competence profiles

4 competence dimensions for implicit knowledge

Technical, methodological, social and personal competences are attached to jobs and knowledge areas and can be linked to job profiles.

KPI for knowledge

Status of documented knowledge at workplaces

Leanbyte provides an overview of the status of documented knowledge in the organization. Authorized users distribute estimated values based on the knowledge areas per work center.

Targeted knowledge transfer

Share knowledge with external service providers / customers

Selected parts of the knowledge database, including checklists, are released to external service providers or end customers in a targeted manner. Completed activities can optionally be signed externally.

Fast login

Automated login with RFID / QR code

Employees can log in faster with their employee ID card or an individual QR code.