Leanbyte services

We offer Leanbyte as a complete product that is executed and managed by Leaneo as a service provider. With our Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, you no longer need to worry about maintenance, service, or the underlying infrastructure, and you can focus solely on using the product.

Additional consulting services

Additional consulting services :

Identify knowledge carriers and carry out knowledge documentation:

  • Identifying knowledge carriers in the organization
  • Workshop: Knowledge documentation
    • Compilation of the knowledge areas using the Leaneo knowledge map
    • Documentation of experience knowledge using the Leaneo Competence Matrix
    • Step-by-step documentation of the activities including the recording of image and video material

Measuring the key figure knowledge:

  • Status report of knowledge documentation based on knowledge categories and areas

Knowledge manager training

  • Qualification of selected employees to become knowledge managers in order to ensure systematic knowledge assurance and retention

Leaneo provides the status of knowledge areas and jobs in services: Bps. KPI Knowledge

Note: The documentation is done with the software Leanbyte. Created knowledge can be exported at any time.